Extra Virgin Olive or High Oleic Oil?

blog smallAncient_Olive_Tree_in_Pelion,_GreeceExtra virgin olive oil is to be the dominant fat on the TQI Diet. Some people hesitate to follow this fully, having been told that EVOO is too fragile to cook with and is no healthier than various high oleic oils that are quite heat tolerant. Increasingly Coop delis, “healthy” snack food manufacturers, and the food industry generally are using these new high oleic oils. High oleic oils are touted as better for us because they have more oleic acid and less of the more fragile essential (linoleic) fats than Continue reading

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Sometimes More Is Better

blog la mola olive oil     A new study of over 7000 older Italians at high risk for heart disease compared a low fat diet with a Mediterranean diet containing varying amounts of virgin and extra virgin olive oil. They followed the participants for nearly five years to see to what extent these different diets prevented cardiovascular “events,” such as strokes, heart attacks, heart related deaths, as well as cancer related deaths, and deaths from other causes. None of the participants had existing heart disease but all were at high risk Continue reading

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Is Almond Flour Trouble?

Many on the TQI diet use almond flour. Recently, I have been getting requests to respond to a blog suggesting we should avoid almond flour. Here are my responses to the 5 reasons stated for giving up almond flour:
1. Almond flour causes us to overeat almonds.
blog almond flourWhen we puree, grind, juice, dry, or cook our food, we definitely change its volume and often its water and fiber content as well. It certainly would be easier to avoid overeating if we only ate whole, raw foods but most of us are simply not going to do that. In fact, the best way to lose weight may well be to make our food bland and Continue reading

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Don’t Let Familiarity Build Contempt

It is easy to assume that our more common and abundant foods are not all that valuable blog shroms 3886939447_06b2ec12e8_mnutritionally. In fact, they are often as good as, or better than, some of the perhaps more exciting foods available. Both dandelion leaves and young nettles bring a lot of good to the table. Surprisingly, as some recent studies show, so do those little white button mushrooms found at our grocery stores.
       For one, they have a big effect on our intestinal flora. People with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as irritable bowel disease or ulcerative Continue reading

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Plasticizers are in our medicines and our supplements

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used both to soften plastics and to hold scents and solvents in a variety of products. Many have been shown to disrupt our hormones. They alter testosterone production in men, cause early onset menopause in women, and have a variety of other negative effects on fertility. They are linked to insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity. Phthalates are believed to contribute to the obesity epidemic by changing, perhaps Prilosecpermanently, how the body processes calories into fat. These chemicals cross the placenta and cause a variety of deformities in male animals, such as cryptorchidism and hypospadias.
       We are all exposed to phthalates on a daily basis. We inhale them as our shower curtains, poorly chosen air fresheners, and various vinyl products off-gas. We Continue reading

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Reasons to Give Up Stevia

We do not use any concentrated sweeteners on the TQIDiet. And this includes giving up stevia. Students are a bit dismayed by this at first because stevia is a sweet-tasting herb that comes without calories and does not raise blood sugar levels. And what possibly could be the blog steviaproblem with that? In fact, zero calorie compounds tend to trigger weight gain by creating blood sugar lows and/or by throwing metabolism off. Animal studies suggest that zero calorie foods make no sense to a living system and as a result end up causing metabolic problems. The concentrated sweet taste of stevia makes naturally Continue reading

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Building Strong Bones

Most of us believe that if we get enough calcium and vitamin D we will maintain healthy bones as we age. In this country, a woman over 50 or a man over 70 is told to get at least 1200 mg of calcium a day from diet and/or supplements to prevent bone thinning. Women on certain types of breast cancer treatments take 1000 mg of calcium and 400 units of vitamin D to prevent drug-induced osteoporosis. face Best_Bones_ForeverYounger people are also told to get at least 1000 mg of calcium daily. Continue reading

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