Welcome to my blog. My blog discusses how current news and research relate to quieting inflammation with food using the TQI Diet (http://www.TQIDiet.com.) My writing is copyrighted. You may freely share it or copy it as long as you credit me or link back to my blog.

About kathyabascal

Herbalist with a background in neurobiology, biochemistry, and law. Teacher of the TQIDiet, how to quiet inflammation with food.
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One Response to Hello

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Well put Sharon! I am finding it motivating so as a result I am getting a benefit, however slight, out of the Fukushima mess.

    Submitted on 2011/05/20 at 5:02 pm
    I have been getting a little lax in the areas of color variety and sugar intake.
    I took the class last September and have been able to stay on the plan very well otherwise; I have been able to maintain my weight loss of 20 pounds.
    This article was a good reminder to stop sneaking in the sweets.
    Thanks for all your knowledge, Kathy.

    Submitted on 2011/05/19 at 4:59 am | In reply to Betsy Daley.
    I share your sense of humor; must say I would have expected to find her closer to Chernobyl than Fukushima what with the vodka and pork…

    Betsy Daley
    this was darkly funny to me . . .heard on NPR today a woman from Japan say: “I am 78, I live near Fukushima, and I’m still alive. I just want to say I haven’t taken any medicines. I mostly eat a lot of pork fat and drink vodka.”

    Seriously, though, I am so grateful to have finally learned in detail about oxidative stress during your online class in January. Has made such a difference in my life! And my kids and grandkids. Thanks Kathy!

    Submitted on 2011/04/12 at 3:27 am7.107
    Excellent suggestions…..
    thank you !!!!

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