Beware of Flavors

blog 100-natural Our current food culture takes natural and artificial flavors very casually. Both “natural flavors” and “artificial flavors” are chemicals. The difference between them lies strictly in how they are manufactured, not in their ultimate effect on us, and I refer to both as “synthetic flavors” here. We have allowed the distinction between flavorful food and synthetic flavors to blur and are largely unaware that these added flavors are one Continue reading

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Shrimp – the good and the bad

shrimp-salad-833214_640Americans like shrimp and eat about 4 pounds of mostly large shrimp or prawns a year. Most of those shrimp (about 94%) are imported and most are farmed. The TQI Diet, however, includes only the small wild pink or Northern shrimp as every day choices. Eliminating the most popular types of shrimp, of course, leads many to ask why they should make this change. Continue reading

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Choosing The Right Olive Oil

oil-1062433_640On the TQI Diet, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the dominant oil, the one we use most frequently and in the greatest amount. Some students beginning to use EVOO have a bit of trouble finding one they like. Many are accustomed to the neutral taste of refined oils and find that some olive oils have a strong taste that they perceive as unpleasant. Others worry that it is said to be difficult to find a “real” EVOO given a claimed wide spread adulteration of these oils. Continue reading

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Villains among EWG’s BPA-free “Best Players”

blog bpa free just released a list of manufacturers who continue to use BPA (bisphenol A) in their products along with a list of the “Best Players” who no longer do. However, there is a big problem lurking with those on their “Best Players” list: Most manufacturers NOT using BPA are instead using its endocrine-disrupting relatives BPS (bisphenol S) and BPF (bisphenol F). Continue reading

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PCC labels any high oleic oils in use

blog sunflower oil

Those on the TQI Diet make a point of avoiding all trans fats, as do most people concerned with their health. Emphasis on all, because even trace amounts of trans fats are bad for our health. As a result, it is important to avoid high oleic oils because they contain trans fats.

This blog originally was about the labeling of high oleic oils in PCC’s deli. PCC now labels any use of high oleic oils and is working on replacing them, where possible, with extra virgin olive oil so I am removing the original blog. Remember, however: If you see the words “sunflower oil” or “safflower oil” on a label, ask before buying. Most likely you are getting a trans fat containing high oleic oil, a heavily refined and not healthy oil.


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Is It Really About the Wheat or the Gluten?

blog mitochondriaThere is a great buzz about wheat, gluten, and glyphosate (the active ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp) right now. And this buzz is creating lots of confusion and misconceptions. A study concluded that exposure to glyphosate is causing a wide variety of health problems ranging from autism to Parkinson’s to celiac disease, and more. Many have misinterpreted this study to mean that most gluten sensitivities are Continue reading

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Available at your local Co-op: Organic, non-GMO verified Gene-Silenced Food!

blog 256px-Capay_heirloom_tomatoes_at_Slow_Food_Nation     I would wager that most who are trying to avoid genetically modified foods prefer to eat foods that have long been part of the human diet. They tend to prefer locally grown, heirloom varieties, if available.
     I would wager that most of these people would consider any food whose genes have been altered using foreign bacterial enzymes and DNA-repair-system damaging techniques to be genetically modified.
     I would wager that most of these people buying a kale salad dressed with a blend of organic olive and sunflower oil neither expect nor want to be served transfats.
     I would also wager that most of these people actually are eating certified organic, non-GMO verified foods that contain transfats and generally do not meet their expectations and standards. This is happening because of the types of fats increasingly used in deli and processed foods. Continue reading

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