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Eating Fish Food Is Optional

All living things (insects, plants, mammals including humans, fish, fowl, plants) need omega 3 fats. Only plants make the basic omega 3 fat ALA which they primarily use in their chloroplasts. ALAs are highly reactive and allow photosynthesis to continue … Continue reading

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Quit Taking Fish Oil

Fish oil is a concentrated source of DHA,  a very special type of omega-3 fat that we use in our neurons, in our eye and heart tissue, and in sperm. In fact, some 30 million Americans take fish oil supplements … Continue reading

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Fish trumps fish oil, fins down

I am not opposed to supplements. However, I do find myself increasingly critical of the heavy reliance often placed on them. The more I read, the more I realize how little most of us (myself included) know about our supplements. … Continue reading

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