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We Are Being Manipulated

Even though most people want to eat a healthy diet, most also complain that they are eating inflammatory foods – aka pseudo-foods – far too frequently, much more often than their bodies and health can handle. If this issue resonates … Continue reading

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Getting vitamin B without eating grains

Grains and B Vitamins Sometimes those on the Elimination Phase of the TQI diet worry that they may become deficient in vitamin B because they are not eating many grains. Those worries are actually misplaced because it is near impossible … Continue reading

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Soy, friend or foe in breast cancer?

There is still some confusion about the estrogenic effect of soy. Oncologists still advise women with estrogen-positive breast cancer to avoid soy. Some women are told that soy foods may have a negative effect on their tamoxifen treatment. Women with … Continue reading

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Strong Bones Without Dairy??

At present, I am seeing a growing trend toward anti-veganism. I’ve heard reasonably well-educated practitioners declare that a diet without animal products cannot be healthy. Without relying on human research, they proclaim that a vegan diet is only suitable for … Continue reading

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Whole Foods vs. Supplements

In class, we discuss a Finnish study that showed that male smokers eating a lot of fruits and vegetables developed less cancer than men who did not. We also consider that antioxidant supplements produce negative results in a variety of … Continue reading

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