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We Are Being Manipulated

Even though most people want to eat a healthy diet, most also complain that they are eating inflammatory foods – aka pseudo-foods – far too frequently, much more often than their bodies and health can handle. If this issue resonates … Continue reading

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Beware of Flavors

Our current food culture takes natural and artificial flavors very casually. Both “natural flavors” and “artificial flavors” are chemicals. The difference between them lies strictly in how they are manufactured, not in their ultimate effect on us, and I refer … Continue reading

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Nuts Are Good

A recent study compared the health of people who ate nuts (tree nuts and peanuts) with those who do not eat nuts often. Conclusion: Nuts are good for you. The study looked at diet data collected as part of the … Continue reading

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Another study a bit off the mark

The headlines supported my point of view: A high protein breakfast helped overweight teens avoid food cravings later in the day. But, as so often is the case, the news was much less interesting than it was made to appear. … Continue reading

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MSG can make you fat

In class I mention that MSG is used to make lab rats fat for use in nutritional studies. A recent study now confirms that it appears to have the same effect in humans. (Not so surprising, given that animal studies … Continue reading

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