No More Red Snapper?

blog-red-snapper-235080343_1c36e23aba_zFish can be one of the healthiest foods in our diet providing long-chained essential fatty acids (e.g. DHA, EPA), vitamin D, iodine, important minerals, and more. Unfortunately, seafood is also a source of persistent toxins so we must choose our seafood carefully. But there is yet another problem as well: We are frequently sold seafood that is mislabeled and far too rich Continue reading

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It’s getting worse, not better . . .

blog-road-sign-1274312_1280I am not a fan of gene tampering and, to the greatest extent possible, avoid GM foods. At the end of my TQIDiet class this past spring, it seemed that this would soon be easier to do. Vermont had passed a strong GMO labeling act and Campbell’s had decided to begin lobbying for mandatory GMO labeling. But things have actually been going down hill. Continue reading

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Cholesterol Levels Running High?

blog crp     Some people are reluctant to take statins even though their cholesterol is running high. This article discusses ways to reduce the risk of high cholesterol but is not a comment on the wisdom of taking or not taking statins.
     Cholesterol is used to make steroid hormones (estrogen, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol, vitamin D and more) and to make bile that is needed to digest fats in our diet. Cholesterol is incorporated into Continue reading

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Beware of Flavors

blog 100-natural Our current food culture takes natural and artificial flavors very casually. Both “natural flavors” and “artificial flavors” are chemicals. The difference between them lies strictly in how they are manufactured, not in their ultimate effect on us, and I refer to both as “synthetic flavors” here. We have allowed the distinction between flavorful food and synthetic flavors to blur and are largely unaware that these added flavors are one Continue reading

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Shrimp – the good and the bad

shrimp-salad-833214_640Americans like shrimp and eat about 4 pounds of mostly large shrimp or prawns a year. Most of those shrimp (about 94%) are imported and most are farmed. The TQI Diet, however, includes only the small wild pink or Northern shrimp as every day choices. Eliminating the most popular types of shrimp, of course, leads many to ask why they should make this change. Continue reading

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Choosing The Right Olive Oil

oil-1062433_640On the TQI Diet, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the dominant oil, the one we use most frequently and in the greatest amount. Some students beginning to use EVOO have a bit of trouble finding one they like. Many are accustomed to the neutral taste of refined oils and find that some olive oils have a strong taste that they perceive as unpleasant. Others worry that it is said to be difficult to find a “real” EVOO given a claimed wide spread adulteration of these oils. Continue reading

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Villains among EWG’s BPA-free “Best Players”

blog bpa free just released a list of manufacturers who continue to use BPA (bisphenol A) in their products along with a list of the “Best Players” who no longer do. However, there is a big problem lurking with those on their “Best Players” list: Most manufacturers NOT using BPA are instead using its endocrine-disrupting relatives BPS (bisphenol S) and BPF (bisphenol F). Continue reading

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