Whales and Birds Need Fish and Krill, You Do Not!

Global warming is expected to have an enormous impact on the environmental production of especially the long-chain fatty acid, DHA. A recent study quantified the effect we can anticipate and that effect is very concerning. However, the study mistakenly approaches the problem strictly from the human perspective and makes some mistakes in doing so. Continue reading

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Eating Fish Food Is Optional

All living things (insects, plants, mammals including humans, fish, fowl, plants) need omega 3 fats. Only plants make the basic omega 3 fat ALA which they primarily use in their chloroplasts. ALAs are highly reactive and allow photosynthesis to continue even as temperatures drop and other fats begin to solidify. ALA is an essential fat for humans and one reason we need plant foods. Continue reading

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We Are Being Manipulated

Even though most people want to eat a healthy diet, most also complain that they are eating inflammatory foods – aka pseudo-foods – far too frequently, much more often than their bodies and health can handle. If this issue resonates with you, you might want to read “The end of overeating” by David Kessler, an interesting book on why so many of us struggle maintaining a good diet. Continue reading

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Quit Taking Fish Oil

Fish oil is a concentrated source of DHA,  a very special type of omega-3 fat that we use in our neurons, in our eye and heart tissue, and in sperm. In fact, some 30 million Americans take fish oil supplements daily simply to be sure they get enough of this very important fat. But, even though DHA is very important to health, I want to explain why it is a Continue reading

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Do Not Microwave Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important part of healthy cell membranes. It also provides a scaffolding the body needs to make compounds such as vitamin D, other hormones, bile, and more. All of our cells make cholesterol but most is produced in our liver and intestines. In addition, we absorb cholesterol from any animal products we eat. In most cases, the body balances cholesterol levels by reducing Continue reading

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No More Red Snapper?

blog-red-snapper-235080343_1c36e23aba_zFish can be one of the healthiest foods in our diet providing long-chained essential fatty acids (e.g. DHA, EPA), vitamin D, iodine, important minerals, and more. Unfortunately, seafood is also a source of persistent toxins so we must choose our seafood carefully. But there is yet another problem as well: We are frequently sold seafood that is mislabeled and far too rich Continue reading

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It’s getting worse, not better . . .

blog-road-sign-1274312_1280I am not a fan of gene tampering and, to the greatest extent possible, avoid GM foods. At the end of my TQIDiet class this past spring, it seemed that this would soon be easier to do. Vermont had passed a strong GMO labeling act and Campbell’s had decided to begin lobbying for mandatory GMO labeling. But things have actually been going down hill. Continue reading

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